This changelog lists all changes to peach³ since the repository was made public.


These are the changes in the current mercurial tip.

Groupwork changes

May 10, 2012: 1708/peach3-core and 93/peach3-ui-extjs2

The following changes to submission groups have been implemented:

  • Groups are required to be disjunct: when a submission for assignment X for students A+B exists, student C cannot add A or B as an author to their submissions for X
  • When a new submission is made for X by D, the existing authors are copied from the most recent submission of D. D cannot remove these authors
  • As a special case, when a submission with a sole author E exists, other users can still add this author to their group, allowing for a common case where students initially start working on their own, and later create a group
  • When a reviewer removes an author from a submission, that same author is also removed from earlier submissions for the same assignment
  • When a reviwer adds an author to a submission, that same author is also added to later submissions for the same assignment

Major refactoring

March 2012: Peach has been refactored and split into two packages:

  • peach3-core contains all the database models, the admin site and all tools and utilties not related to the user interface
  • peach3-ui-extjs2 contains all the user interface related views

This split allows us to develop a new user interface for peach, which can even be run in parallel with the old interface.

Along with the core-split refactoring, most parts of the code have been upgraded to use new features from Django, up to and including version 1.4.

Most notable changes are:

Other 'modernizations' are:

Photo providers

01/06/11 15:37:00 r1491

A PhotoProvider class has been added to provide user photos. The PHOTO_PROVIDER setting variable controls which PhotoProvider class is used. By default, this is '', which just shows the same static image as was previously shown.

Another provider is '', which will link to a profile photo on

Other changes

See the mercurial revision log for smaller changes.


These are the changes in the 1.0-beta4 version.

Fixed problems with revoked submissions

05/21/10 17:27:00 r1443

Fixed several bugs related to revoked submissions:

  • #210 Sometimes an older submission is the default submission for a user
  • #183 When modifying submission authors, older submissions are not revoked
  • #182 Older submissions not always revoked with new submission

Allow managers to duplicate assignments from other courses

02/22/10 14:41:04 r1422

When managing a course, allow more assignments to be duplicated: instead of only allowing assignments of the same and older editions of the current course, also allow duplication of assignments in other courses where the user is a manager.

Many course edition manager tickets fixed

Many tickets regarding the course edition manager have been fixed:

  • #147 When duplicating a cluster, deadlines are not duplicated (in r1417)
  • #151 When duplicating an assignment, wiki pages are not duplicated (in r1419)
  • #158 Show cluster name in Cluster Members window (in r1403)
  • #163 When creating new course, default cluster is created without realm (in r1402)
  • #178 Adding admin as reviewer to a cluster results in an AssertionError (in r1404)
  • #189 Course managers cannot remove themselves, UI disagrees (in r1406)
  • #195 Managers can remove themselves as reviewers (in r1402)
  • #196 When duplicating cluster, data is not always duplicated (in r1401)

Added an 'Edit Staff' dialog to course manage panel

02/12/10 16:26:40 r1407

This allows managers to edit staff members for the entire course, instead of having to edit the staff for each cluster seperately. Closes:

  • #172 Managing observers and reviewers is not user friendly


These are the changes in the 1.0-beta3 version.

Course overview report extended

11/17/09 09:49:39 r1354

The course overview report has been extended to include a column with the user's cluster.

Invisible assignments marked

10/20/09 11:24:04 #168 r1325

On the course review panel, assignments that are invisible to students are marked with a red cross in front of the name.

Course Overview

10/06/09 13:33:36 r1295

The previously undocumented feature to create an overview of a course has now been integrated into the user interface. A menu item 'Reports' has been added to the Course Manager interface, with a subitem 'Course Overview'. This overview is a CSV formatted list of all members of a course with their user name, full name and email address, and for every assignment the state of their latest submission.

Edit authors of a submission

10/05/09 14:35:36 r1293

Reviewers can now edit the authors of a submission. A button 'Edit Authors' was added to the top-most info panel of the Submission view. The primary author (the author who submitted the submission) cannot be removed, unless that author is a reviewer. This allows reviewers to upload a submission on behalf of students.

Bulk publishing of draft reviews

09/29/09 11:29:24 r1286

Reviewers can bulk-publish draft reviews from the Course Edition view by selecting one or more submissions in the submission grid and with the new 'Publish' button in the bottom tool-bar. Reviewers can only publish their own reviews and reviews of reviewers with the same or lower reviewlevel.

Show current courses to anonymous users

09/04/09 15:47:44 r1263

The previously empty space in the left column of the user interface for anonymous users now shows the current active courses.

Default access for wiki pages changed

09/04/09 14:38:53 r1261

When creating a new wiki page, the default access is now 'authenticated' instead of 'explicit'.

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