View Submission


After selecting a submission from the courses page, the following screen is presented.

View submission

View submission

At the top is a bar where you can switch between submissions that where made by the author for the assignment selected before. By default, the last submission is shown. Below the submission bar are details from the selected submission, like the authors name and current state. Below the details at the left is a list of all files and checking results that are done on this submission. There is also a summary view of the submissions results. In the screenshot, the summary is what is shown on the right. Clicking on the step (eg. Step 0) shows more information about the check.

It is also possible to download all files as a single compressed (zip) file. To do this, click on the Download files button at the bottom. If a file is opened, there are two download options. The default is to download the current file, but it is possible to download all files by clicking on the arrow and select Download all. Printing the current file can be done via the Print button.

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