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For graders the course view is a bit different from the view of students.

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On the top left is the News box, the same as students can see, only now all course messages for all members are visible. On the top right are two tabs. The left, Assignments contains a list of all assignments in the course together with their deadline date. Clicking on an assignment shows all submissions for that assignment in the bottom most box. Note that extended deadlines are highlighted in bold.

Double clicking on a entry redirects you to the new submission page. Double clicking on a submission or single clicking on a submission, followed by clicking on View, shows the submission details page.

The right tab, Members, contains a list of all members of the course. Clicking here on a member, all submissions for that member are shown in the bottom most box. Just like on the submissions of an assignment view, double clicking on a submission shows the submission details page.

Clicking on a column header in a table, sorts the table by that column. It is also possible to group the table entries. Grouping can be done by assignment or by set. It can also be disabled. Next to the grouping option is an option to show only the last submissions, or to show all submissions. If an assignment is selected, this option shows the last submissions of a person or all. If all submissions of a member are shown, either the last submission of an assignment is shown, or all submissions.

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