User Groups

Every user in peach3 has certain permissions. Permissions are grouped into user groups.

For a university or school installation, common names are:


The administrator (admin) has all rights in the system. With these permissions, the person do everything the other roles are allowed to do except grading submissions. Of course, grading for a course is possible when the admin has explicit grading rights on that course,


The manager is a course specific permission. This means you can be a manager for one course and a member for another.

A manager can add courses, add course editions to the courses where he/she is a manager. Also, new assignments can be added to a course edition. Furthermore, a manager is allowed to do everything an reviewer, observer and member are allowed to do.


A reviewer can do everything an observer can do. Additionally a reviewer can also grade submibssions in a course.


The observer can view all submissions of a course. However, the observer cannot grade them.


The member is the weakest role in peach3. A member can view assignments and do submissions.


For custom installations, more roles may be present. These are not described in this document.

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