About this Documentation

This section contains a few notes about this documentation.


The goal of this documentation is to explain the usage of peach3 to both system managers as users. It is not intended for developers wanting to know more about the code behind peach3.


On the left side of every page is navigation bar. This bar contains a link to the previous and the next page, a link to the source and a search field.

If you hover your pointer over a (sub)section title, a permalink appears alongside the title. You can use this link to refer directly to that section of the documentation.

In the navigation section, text between < and > characters are actions. For example:

My Courses ‣ <Choose a course>

means that a course from the My Courses list must be selected.

Modify and/or Extending

This documentation is written using the Sphinx documentation system. All pages are marked up using reStructuredText and their file extension is “.rst”.

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