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Note: In this version of peach3 all grading must be done manually. Future version may include automatic graders.


Reviewing and grading submissions can be done directly in peach3.

On the Review tab, a grade and optional feedback can be given. Grades can be a mark between 1 and 10 (Dutch system), a mark between 0 and 100 or Accepted/Rejected. It is also possible to give the student a bonus. The bonus can range from 0 up to 3 points.

By marking a review Preliminary, the review is not visible for students. It is visible for other graders.

The feedback can be plain text or formatted as reStructuredText. By clicking on Preview, a preview of the marked up feedback is shown. Pressing Preview again switches back to the editor.

Click Submit to submit and save the review.

Review submission

Review submission

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