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After having selected a course and selected the submit assignment page, the new submission page is shown.

New submission

New submission

At the top of the page is a list of files that will be submitted. Files can be added to this list via the Add button. Files can be removed with the Remove button. First select all files you wish to remove from the list, then press the Remove button.

It is also possible to view an uploaded file before submitting it. First, check the check box before the file name. Then, click on the View button to view the file in the file viewer.

Files uploaded to peach are automatically stored, but not yet submitted. This means that, if you close the page, your submission is stored until you either remove or submit it.

After typing an optional comment in the Comments box, your submission is ready to be saved. Saving can be done via the Save button.


For some assignments it is possible to work in groups. This means that one submission has multiple authors. Peach3 can help to reduce duplicate submissions and provide an automated way to group co-authors.

New submission for co-authors

New submission for co-authors

If an assignment is configured to have multiple authors, the Authors box appears on the right side of the screen. Authors can be added via the Add button at the bottom of the Authors box. After clicking the button, the user selection window pops up. In this popup you can search for course members by typing (part of) their name in the input field at the top of the popup. To add users as authors, check the check box before their name and click Add.

Authors can be removed by checking the check box before their name in the Authors box and than clicking on the Remove button.

Adding files and a comment happens in the same way as described above withoyt multiple authors.

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