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The Configuration page provides easy access to all wiki pages. First select the page that you want to view or change, than click on View/Edit.

Manage wiki pages

Manage wiki pages

Every wiki page has two different tabs, though if you have not enough rights they may be hidden. The first is a normal view of the page, the second is the edit page.

Edit wiki page

Edit wiki page

On the edit page the page source is editable. Special markup can be applied via reStructuredText. It is also possible to limit the permissions for certain user groups. There are four possibilities:

  • Everyone - Choose this if everyone can view the page
  • Authorized - Choose this if the user must be authorized (logged in) to view the page
  • Parent acces - Choose this if you want to use the permissions of the page which contains a link to your page
  • Nobody - Choose this if nobody can view the page

After making all the changes, click Save to save the wiki page and apply the permission settings. Click Cancel to discard all changes.

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