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Join Course

Before a submission to an assignment can be made, the assignments course must be joined first.

Manage courses

Manage courses

At the top of the page the join new course dialog can be opened by pressig Join a course. This dialog is shown below.

Courses are sorted by their realm. A realm can be expanded by clicking on it. After selecting the course you want to join, finish the join process by clicking the Join button. The newly joined course appears in the courses list.

Join course

Join a course

Other Course Action

At the bottom of the page are three buttons. Using the button at the left, Go, the selected course can be viewed, if any. At the right is a button Remove to remove a course from the joined courses list. Removing yourself from a course is only possible when no submissions have been done.

In the middle is a button to configure the currently selected course. This button is not visible when you do not have permission to configure the selected course.

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