On every page of peach3, on the left side, a column with standard actions can be found. The top most cell contains actions like Register, Login, Logout if you are logged in and user profile settings.

Below the actions cell, the My Courses cell is located. In this cell is a list of all courses you are subscribed to. If you are not logged in, this cell is empty.

At the bottom, information about peach3 is located. This includes information about how to contact the authors.

On the right side the actual content can be found. At the top is a tab bar where all open tabs can be reached. On each tab, except the Welcome tab, there is a close button to close the tab.

Home page

Home page for a user which is not logged in

On the Welcome tab, there is a quick language switcher. Click on the arrow to see all available languages. Note that, if you switch the current language the page will be refreshed and all open pages will be lost! The default language is based on your browser settings. Which languages are available depends on the configuration of peach3.

Clicking on the small arrow between the left and right panel results in collapsing the left. Clicking on the arrow again, which is now completely on the left of the screen, expands the hidden panel again.

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