Manage Course Clusters


After navigating to the course’s configuration page, the following screen is shown. In the bottom right corner is the cluster configuration visible.

Clusters are groups of people that are for instance working in the same room on instructions.

Using the New cluster button new clusters can be added. To remove a cluster, click on Remove ath the bottom of the cluster area. Next to Remove is the button to edit a cluster. Editting can also be done by double-clicking on a cluster.

Clicking on the Members button shows the cluster members dialog. See below for instructions.

Course options

Course options

Add New Cluster

After clicking on the Add cluster button, the following popup is shown. Make sure Create new cluster is selected and click Next.

New cluster

Add a new cluster to a course

Now the dialog below is shown. At the top the name of the new cluster can be entered.

On the first tab realms can be added. Click Add realms to add a new realm to the cluster. Select a realm and click Remove to remove the selected realm.

Set the realm

Set the realm

The dialog belows shows the available realms. Click on the checkbox to select a realm and click Add to add the realm to the cluster.

Add a realm

Add a realm

Selecting the second tab, the Dates tab, gives the screen shown below. The left column presents the options available for the timespan in which users can join the course. The right column configures when the course is active.

For the joinable period, the options are Not joinable, Joinable and a certain period in which users can join the cluster. If a cluster is configured to be Joinable, users can always join the cluster.

For the Active period, the same holds.

Set the dates

Set the dates

Activiting the third tab, the Observers and reviewers, gives a dialog to give users permission to view submissions and review submissions. Click Add user to promote a user to be an observer or reviewer. The popup is shown below and works in the same as the add realms dialog shown before.

After a user is promoted, select it and set his or her role. An observer can only view submissions and a reviewer can also grade them.

It is also possible to let a user extend cluster members their deadlines. To let a user do this, select the user and select the Extend deadlines checkbox.

Observers and reviewers

Set the observers and reviewers

Add a observer or reviewer

Add a observer or reviewer

Duplicate Existing Cluster

It is also possible to duplicate an existing cluster to save some work. Duplicating copies all settings from the duplicated cluster except the name.

To duplicate an existing cluster, click Add cluster and than in the popup select Duplicate existing cluster. In the list with clusters, select the cluster to duplicate and click Next. Now the same screen is shown as when adding a new cluster, except the options are prefilled.

Adding Users to a Cluster

Existing users in the system can be added to a cluster by the teacher. Open the members dialog by clicking on the Members button.

To add a user to the cluster, click Add members. In the popup (see below) select the user(s) and click Add to make them cluster members.

To remove a member, select him and click Remove.

It is also possible to move a member to another cluster without having to remove and add him. To do this, select the member and select the new cluster in the Select cluster dropdown box. Press Move to actually move the member.

Manage cluster members

Manage cluster members

Add a new cluster member

Add new cluster members

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