Installing peach³ add-ons

peach³ can be extended with additional features using add-ons. Currently there is one add-on publicly available:

  • peach3-lexers

This add-on adds syntax highlighting for languages not supported by the syntax highlighter used in peach. It currently includes syntax highlighting for meta-environment‘s ASF and SDF files.

We’ll use buildout’s extension mechanism to tell peach to install the add-on. In the /home/peachwww/peach3-django/django directory, create a new directory called addons and copy the add-on tar file to this directory.

Next, create a new file called buildout-addons.cfg with the following contents:

extends = buildout.cfg
eggs += peach3-lexers
find-links += addons

Now tell buildout to use this new configuration file:

bin/buildout -c buildout-addons.cfg

This will install the add-on into peach³.

The peach3-lexers add-on does not need any other configuration. Other add-ons might require extra configuration in the configuration file. See the documentation of that add-on for details.

Remember to always supply the -c buildout-addons.cfg option whenever calling bin/buildout from now on, because otherwise the add-on will be disabled.

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